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These offset lithographs are high quality reproductions of my original oil-on-canvas paintings. This type of print, commonly referred to as a poster, is produced on a printing press by a professional lithographer. The image is separated into four primary colors which are printed in layers, one on top of the other, in small geometric dots onto coated, glossy paper. My limited edition lithographs are produced in limited quantities of no more than 500 prints. I sign and number each print personally and attach to each a signed and embossed certificate of authenticity.

Après Midi D Eté (Summer Afternoon)


Open Edition Lithograph

Size:  24" x 30"       

Price:   $35

Item # OL1







Grand Père (Grand Father)

Open Edition Lithograph

Size:  20" x 24"  

Price: $25 

Item # OL 2




Copines (Buddies)

Limited Edition Lithograph

Size:  16" x 20"

Edition Size: 500 s/n

Price: $50 

Item # OL 3






Petite en Bleue (Little One in Bleu)



Open Edition Lithograph

Size:  8" x 10"

Edition Size:  N/A  

Price:  $10 

Item # OL 4







Petite en Rose (Little One in Pink)


Open Edition Lithograph

Size:  8" x 10" 

Edition Size:  N/A

Price: $10             

Item # OL 5





Jeux À La Plage (Games at the Beach)


Limited Edition Lithograph

Size:  25” X 30”

Edition Size: 200 s/n 

Price: $100 

Item # OL 6 



Sérénité (Serenity)


Open Edition Lithograph

Size: 16” X 21”

Edition Size:  N/A 

Price:  $25

Item # OL 7