Get Captivated by Sophia's realistic imagery on Canvas
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The Art of Sophia Lacroix
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Add Sophia's Art to your accessories and home décor with her unique phone cases, coasters, and totes.

Bring Sophia's art to your dinner or cocktail table with these unique sets of four 4" X 4" coasters with no-slip cork backing, each printed with a reproduction of one of Sophia Lacroix's vibrant scenes. Each coaster features a different scene. Great for cocktails or hot drinks.

Price: $40 for set of four 4"X4" coasters 

**Note: Coasters come in pre-packed in sets of four.

If you would prefer to select and order specific images, it may take up to 4 weeks for your order to ship. 
To order specific images for your pack of four coasters:
   -find Coaster # and Title by hovering your mouse over the image, 
  - then indicate your selection in order form inside the "Message" box.  
  -Allow at least 4 weeks for delivery due to extended production process. 
iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case
Accessorize Artistically with your own iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case printed with one of Sophia's vibrant Haitian market scenes.
Three images available- see below.
Item Price: $90